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18 Jun 2014

Jihad in Syria - Is Right In The Sides Religion ? cc @NajibRazak @MuhyiddinYassin @Zahid_Hamidi ( Pls Retweet Repost )

The government detained militants who want to fight in Syria. The action is intended to curb militancy in our country be easily expanded with the advent of social media these days.

It also claims action to stop certain people who say jihad in Syria should be supported by Muslims.

Fatwas by Yusuf Al Qaradhawi ( before he also justify DNA of PIG) about jihad in Syria has been the cause of it to attract the people who do not understand the true concept of jihad in Malaysia. Fatwa Qaradhawi

Many scholars reject the view of Dr. Yusuf Al Qaradhawi because of frequent changes fatwa

Minister of Home Affairs Datuk Seri Dr Ahmad Zahid Hamidi has also issued a statement that anyone involved with jihad in Syria will be withheld. And some people have also been detained as a statement IGP Tan Sri Dato 'Sri Khalid bin Abu Bakar in April 2014.

KUALA LUMPUR: Malaysians who joined the militants in Syria will be subject to legal action if returned to the country, said Home Minister Datuk Seri Dr Ahmad Zahid Hamidi.

"Information obtained and if they set foot in Malaysia, will catch will be and legal action underway, "he said after receiving a courtesy call U.S. Ambassador in Malaysia, Joseph Y.Yun here today.
He said the ministry, in particular the Royal Malaysian Police is working closely with the Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission to monitor recruiting activities through new social networking site. Commenting on the involvement of a member of the Royal Malaysian Navy (RMN) in Sandakan, Sabah suspected of involvement in militant activities, Ahmad Zahid said the government would not tolerate if he proved to be involved. "aspect of our study is not only among the Malaysian foreign and even private enforcement should also be investigated. "We do not doubt everything, but can smell if they are involved, which is the result of cooperation with the Ministry of Defence in particular the Malaysian Armed Forces," he said. Regarding the meeting with the American ambassador, he said the United Malaysia commended the way tackle militancy in the country and asked for continued efforts be made ​​to combat. "I discussed the matter with them. It is a That information should be detailed, efforts were undertaken because we do not want to work (militant) militant's got the support of international, "he said. - mStaronline

Action is accurate and supported other countries who know Islam does not justify the rebel militancy to overthrow a government.

They also use the tactic as security activists to go there as the story of this young man

No criticism of the arrest of militant actions Malaysia

BALING June 8 - Malaysia has never received any criticism from the people of the country they arrested for their involvement with international militant activities in the country, said Home Minister Datuk Seri Dr. Ahmad Zahid Hamidi. Ahmad Zahid said Malaysia but was praised for decisive action for the safety of the people of this country and the world. said the Royal Malaysian Police (RMP), especially the Special Branch does not tolerate criminal activity committed any partner dark and militant organizations that could threaten national security. `` I assure you the police and the Special Branch will strictly implement the responsibility to combat crime and domestic violence and the (militant) outside Malaysia as their location,'' he told reporters during a visit the Baling district police headquarters here today. present at the visit is Kedah police chief Datuk Ahmad Ibrahim. - BERNAMA

Does this mean that jihad is rejected by Umno and the Malaysian government?

The real situation in Syria is attacking rebel forces are backed by the U.S. government and Israel.

Please read :

The new commander of the anti-Damascus militancy group, the Free Syrian Army (FSA), Abdul-Ilah al-Bashir has been trained in Israel, media reports said.

Al-Bashir had gone to Israel for treatment last year after he was wounded in Southern Syria during clashes with the Syrian army, Al-Ahd news website reported.

Al-Bashir was in charge of the military council in Southern Syria and he was transferred to a hospital in Israel after he was wounded in a military operation in Al-Rushid region.

Al-Bashir replaced former FSA commander Salim Idris. The FSA declared Bashir as the replacement for Idris in a statement posted online.

Abdul-Ilah al-Bashir (right)

While Al-Bashir was wounded, the news reports were spread that Al-Bashir had died and buried in Daraa province in a bid to distract attentions from his presence in Israel where he was receiving military training.

A military analyst told Al-Ahd that the appointment of Al-Bashir took place concurrent with the defeat of the militants in Al-Qalmoun region and after the second round of the Geneva II talks.

Idriss had long faced criticism by militants on the ground for failing to gather sufficient military aid for the armed groups.

Because of the situation in Syria as opposition movement Al Qaeda-backed militant group that actually pro Salafi Wahhabism and can not be supported by Muslims.

Syria since the first Malaysian students are studying because there are scholars of the world figures such as Dr. Wahbah Zuhayli there.

So to say that the action must be fought Syrian government is inaccurate and a distortion of the real facts.

Thus it is not a jihad and not treated as a martyr.

Would not attack the Zionist state of Israel is more important than attacking Syria but said the Islamic Shia?

This must be contemplated several times.

Please read great article from Datuk Zulkifli Nordin like the one below :

Salam 2 all.

Thank God, my friends brother Mohamat Abrahim from South Africa has sent a transcript below along with a video clip interview published by Islamic TV Channel quoted website.

The video had are excerpts from the interview with Sheikh Ebrahim Salahudin, one imam of Masjid Al-Aqsa, Jerusalem which explores the issue of the war in Surya (please correct your pronunciation to Surya , not Syria as mentioned by the West. Surya is part of Syria in a state of Sirah Prophet).

Sheikh Salahudin asked about some of the allegations against the government alleging that Bashar Al-Assad in Surya is a jihad fi-sabilillah and those who joined the mujahideen war is that if the death count martyr and a place in heaven, na'uzubillah .

Sheikh Ebrahim Salahudin clearly pointed out that the alleged jihad that's a lie. Actually he said it was the war waged and financed by Zionist Jews in order to weaken the military power in the Islamic countries and the Middle East Gulf region to protect the interests of the Zionist and the U.S. and the west.

Once got a video clip (and watch) and the transcripts of my companions, I continue to send comments as follows:

"Jazakallah khair Brother Mohamat. May ALLAH blessed all your good effort. I will publish this in my blog insyallah. Sheikh Salahudin was right. How can a Muslim claim to be mujahidin when they are killing another Muslim Brother who recite the same syahadah. We have been successfully divided by the kuffar, to the extent that we kill our own Brother. Even in peaceful Muslim country like Malaysia, there are some political bigotaries who claim that Christian can use the kalimah ALLAH as trinity god three-in-one and refused to forge ukhwah with another Muslim, but instead forged unholy alliance with harbi to topple a Muslim dominated government.

This is political expediency to the highest degree, just for the sake of getting votes so that they can win election! May ALLAH guide us, and we are lucky to have Sheikh Imran as our guidance and teacher who steadfastly hold to the true Islamic teaching regardless of what some bigotaries wants to say. We need more ulama' like Sheikh Imran and Sheikh Salahudin in this age of fitan".

Translation :

Jazakallah khair Muhammad Br. Hopefully GOD bless all your good efforts. I will broadcast this on my blog insha Allah. The fact that Sheikh Salhudin true. How could a Muslim be claimed as the essence of their fighters were killed when another Muslim who melafaz syahadah same. Kuffar has triumphed break-belahkan us Muslims, so that we could berbunuhan between themselves.

fact, the state of Muslims in Malaysia are safe as there is any political penaksub be indicted kristian menggunapakai GOD sentence in the form of god Triniti three-in-one, and reluctant bersatupadu with their brethren; otherwise made ​​unlawful by pagan harbi Pakatan to topple an empire dominated by Muslims. It is beyond politiking that, just to get them to win the lottery so pilihanraya! I hope GOD gives guidance and guidance to us. We all got lucky as Imran Sheikh Murshid and teachers are committed and the teachings of Islam that truth regardless of the harsh words penaksub. We need more crowded scholars like Sheikh Imran and Sheikh Salahuddin age in this slander. "


NewsHost: Sheikh there are many scholars who call for people to fight in syria, how do you see it?Sheikh: Its a lie, deceiving, and its not too late to expose their lies and their corruption. If they were truthful, then our land would be better than this. I mean Jerusalem Palestine. Our cause is renowned and we are being oppressed for more than 60 years, even if they (i.e the scholars calling for fighting in Surya etc) talked about us once or twice. Why didn't they start a military action here like in Surya? Are the doors of heaven only open in Damascus?We used to be its neighbour here in Palestine, Gaza, They are liars, deceivers. And Jihad will not be valid on our own people, our own neighbours and family. Our deen is one. This is not Jihad. This is only beneficent for our enemies. They are liars, they have sold themselves.NewsHost: Ok you say that its a valid action of SAA to stop terrorism of those groups who call themselves Muslim but are far from religion. Which group are you talking about?Sheikh: All those who come to spill their own brothers blood, all those who come to raise the Islamic flag through the blood of their Muslims brothers, their own Muslim brothers wealth and honour. Whatever they call themselves such as these groups, brigades, schools of thought. This Ummah is One and our God is One and our Book is One and our Prophet is One. Those who divide it are not from Us, and those who arm themselves against it are not from us. The Prophet s.a.w said: "Whoever carries a weapon against us, He is not from us" He told us before : "Dont turn into disbelievers after me and start killing each other"When did Islam become a religion of killing other Muslims? And a religion of brother killing his own brother? And when did the levant and Damascus become the door of heaven? They are liars who say this, they don't have a religion or a consciousness.


I see this Salahudin Sheikh statement of courage that is rarely seen among Islamic scholars today. Hinges on the fact that the Quran and the Sunnah of the Prophet, the statement made ​​' without favor without fear ', the statement made ​​solely because of devotion to God is Almighty.

We in Malaysia can learn from Salahudin Sheikh's statement by asking the following questions:

1. Since when collaborating in an alliance with the heathen Harbi legitimate in Islam?

2. Since when dropping a legitimate government (dominated by Islam) through a conspiracy by infidels harbi legitimate and lawful according to the Personality '?

3. Since any support and agree the word ALLAH halal adopted by Christians in the trinity of God is valid and allowed Shari'ah?

4. Since when lifting a leader full of lies, deceptions, distortions, vices, adultery, sodomy, traitor parents, qiblah Zionist Jews and evil is legally bound to Islam?

5. Since when united, brothers and fellow berukhwah Islam is a great sin that they are willing to spit those wanting to Islamic unity and fraternity?

Chest pat ask each faith. Are we too deify politics, too deify lots, too deify kerusi, too deify power; so we could berpecah apart our neighbor and berbunuh killing so may pervert and destroy the religion and the nation itself?

May Allah give us direction and guidance, and we kept the faith and belief; and Tuan Guru award to us.

Aamantu Billahm summastaqeem.

Wallahua'lam faithfully.

Goodbye friends, grasias sir.

Zulkifli Noordin Bin


13 ZulQaedah 1434

19 Sep 2013

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