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02 September 2014

@Zahid_Hamidi : Majority of non-Malays moderate, respect other races – @StarOnline cc @malaysiakini @tm_insider

KUALA LUMPUR: The majority of the non-Malay communities in Malaysia are moderates who respect the sentiments and sensitivities of other races, Home Minister Datuk Seri Dr Ahmad Zahid Hamidi said.
He said a newspaper report that quoted him as saying that non-Malays were getting increasingly arrogant and insulting the bumiputras, the royalty and Islam had been taken out of context.
He said he was referring to leaders and supporters of the DAP, in his speech, who lacked respect for the feelings of the Malays.
Zahid said this was evident in comments made by the opposition party and their supporters, especially those posted on pro-opposition news portals and the social media.
The Umno vice-president said the Barisan Nasional had non-Malay component parties and certainly they were not racists in their approach and that decisions affecting the country were discussed.
The power sharing approach and consensus-making were the hallmark of Barisan’s success.
“But it cannot be denied that DAP supporters had taken a different approach with their arrogant method of politicking,” he said when contacted.
An English daily had quoted him as saying that Malays were paying the price of being kind to non-Malays and that the latter was getting increasingly arrogant.
He was reported as saying that the insults were made under the pretext of democracy, freedom of speech and globalisation.
Zahid said he would not have endorsed those who made insulting remarks against the non-Malay communities, citing police actions against these culprits.

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