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01 Ogos 2013

@Anwaribrahim is getting crazier - Petition #GE13

Election Petition: Anwar Is Getting Crazier

After he failed to challenge the result of the 13th general election through street demonstration, Anwar seems to have lost his way to plan the next step of his mission. Anwar reluctantly have to admit his defeat and accept Barisan Nasional won the election. He was the one who took an oath even if his minions were hoping that he would lead a rebellion to "free" the country. What happens in this few months has really made Anwar Ibrahim looks like a fool.

To ensure that his name is not washed away in the Malaysian political tide, Anwar is hoping that the election petition that is filed by the Pakatan Rakyat candidate can give them a little publicity. This is because, Anwar himself is well informed that the petitioned that he submitted is baseless and will be thrown out by the court.
If the petitioned fail, it will gave them a new bullet to pressure the government, the court and anything else that they can attack. This is what happening where Anwar is carrying the character as the Opposition Leader and his petitioned is thrown out.

The high cost of the petitioned helps Anwar to act effectively. It also gave them a chance to collect funds. On the 28th June 2013, Anwar organized a dinner to collect funds for the cause. The total cost for the events is estimated at RM 1.5 million.
On the 23rd of July the petition is filed by two PKR candidates from Penang- Abdul Halim Hussain (Dun Teluk Bahang) and Muhammad Baktiar Wan Chik (Parliament Balik Pulau) was thrown out by the Penang High Court. They were both defeated by BN candidate and were ordered to pay the cost fee to the BN candidate.
Judge Hadariah Syed Ismail said that both of them were made to pay the fine as both of them failed to follow the Election Petition Rule 1954.
Last week, PAS candidate from Titiwangsa, Ahmad Zamri Asa'ad Khuzaimi was ordered to pay RM 40,000 to the SPR and RM 30,000 to his opponent when his petition was thrown out in Kuala Lumpur.
In Anwar script he accuses the Judge as crazy and illogical because the judgement was made on the basis of technicality.

It seems that Anwar forgot that he himself was acquitted few times because of technicality. It seems that Anwar Ibrahim forgot about his sodomy cases and how he is still a free man.
Because of that, if Anwar Ibrahim opposed the judgement that was made on the basis of technicality, then Anwar should have taken the same approach with his sodomy cases.
We understand that people who are crazy about something cannot think straight. As an actor, Anwar knows that he do not have to debate on the facts but it is enough if he would play his character effectively. And if that is achieved, all of his supporters will forgot the facts that it is a lie and focus on the persona which is named Anwar Ibrahim.
The conclusion, Anwar lived on publicity, without publicity, he will surely dies. The truth is, the general election petitioned and acting, Anwar only does it for publicity and not more than that. RM 1.5 million is not a problem for him. The actual intention is to collect fund for himself not for his party or his supporters.
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