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12 Ogos 2013

Sebastian Phiu: Video @Malaysiakini Temuramah Tokoh Syiah Malaysia

Malaysiakini Pertahan Syiah Sesat

Ini Malaysiakini memang sengaja cari pasat. Itu Syiah sudah lama fatwa Sesat lagi Haram di Malaysia. Semua 14 negeri sudah pun mengharamkan Syiah (lihat disini). Tetapi Malaysiakini yang diwakili oleh Director Syufiyan Shukur pergi jumpa ketua Syiah Malaysia Mohd Kamilzuhairi Abdul Aziz mengadakan sesi interview dan mempertikaikan hak kebebasan penganut agama Syiah Sesat ini.

Apa sudah jadi dengan ini Melayu Syufiyan Shukur ni..? Dia agama apa..? Kenapa dia pertahankan Syiah Sesat ini..?

Artikel Malaysiakini

The Shias in Malaysia are once again under attack, this time coming from the newly minted Chief Minister of the state of Kedah. He has put in motion efforts to halt the spread of Shia in his state.

And he has the support of a Federal Minister in charge of religious affairs in the Prime Minister's department; not to mention the support of his father, former premier Mahathir Mohamad.

Government controlled mainstream media are also taking the queue from the two Ministers, sprouting anti-Shia articles and stories in the newspapers, television and radio.

We speak to Mohd Kamilzuhairi Abdul Aziz of Shia community centre, Hauza Ar Ridha on the latest attack.

The last attack on the Shia community was 3 years ago during the celebration of Imam Hussein's martyrdom in the Muslim month of Muharram. Now he says it's in the holy month of Ramadhan.

Mohd Kamilzuhairi Abdul Aziz
attributes the recent attacks with the Syrian civil war, now raging, which seems to pitch a controlling Shia minority under Bashir Al Assad and the marginalised Sunni majority.
In other parts of the Muslim Arab world, Shia Muslims in countries like Saudi Arabia, Bahrain.
In refuting the fears that Malaysian Shias could cause division and trouble amongst Muslims, Mohd Kamilzuhairi Abdul Aziz said that analysts have already said that what's happening in Syria isn't a sectarian conflict but a conflict fuelled by the US and Israel for their own regional interests. In countries such as Saudi Arabia and Bahrain it is about minorities asking for their rights as citizens.

"Don't equate us with Hezbollah or Iran. Much as we admire them in their war with Israel and the US, it is their conflict.

It has nothing to do with us," he said.

"We have the rule of law and the Federal Constitution and international bodies like the OIC to turn to," Mohd Kamilzuhairi

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