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19 September 2013



As I wrote yesterday, today is the day that mark the starting grid for me to expose fraud done by Lim Dynasty in DAP. As for today, I would like to share with you how Lim Dynasty manipulate DAP constitution to reign power.

Since 1968, DAP falls under Lim Kit Siang controlled . He was then a Secretary General or National Chairman of DAP. Under DAP organisation, Secretary General holding the absolute power. The same concept practised by PKM (Parti Komunis Malaya) where the secretary general was Chin Peng.

These is the first manipulation done by Lim Kit Siang on DAP Constitution to ensure he and his dynasty reign absolute power in DAP. 

DAP doesn't have divisional centre in every parliamentary constitution area unlike other political parties. DAP only have branch.

These branches divided into 2 groups:

i) Certificate A branch
ii) Certificate B branch

Secretary General has the absolute power to determine certification class of each branch. Members of branches granted with Certificate A only qualified to attend DAP National Congress and to cast their votes for CEC election. While branches with Certificate B only qualified to attend DAP National Congress as an observer and has no right to cast their votes.

All pro Lim Dynasty branches will be given Certificate A which allows them to cast their vote. Branches that identified as none supportive of Lim Dynasty will be given Certificate B and they did not have the right to vote. Not necessary Certificate A branches will always be A. When branch has been identified as none supportive, secretary general will change the certification to B according to their supportiveness level at any time and at all caused.

An old Chinese proverbs saying that  "no horse can wear two saddles".

These is the second manipulation done by Lim Kit Siang on DAP Constitution to ensure he and his dynasty reign absolute power in DAP. 

DAP Constitution which were formulated by Lim Kit Siang himself also stated that eligible voting members can't determine who they vote for National Chairman , Deputy National Chairman , Vice National Chairman , Secretary general and Other post. They only allowed to vote 20 candidates which compete to fill CEC.

When the result of 20 winning candidates as CEC announce , the 20's will have a meeting among themselves to determined Chairman , Deputy Chairman , Secretary General and other post. They were ask to vote openly before Lim Families. When dealing with this situation, all elected CEC members best described as a cow with pricked nostrils and they have to choose Lim Kit Siang or Lim Guan Eng as Secretary General which is the most powerful post in DAP.

Anybody who opposed , will never be a candidate for Malaysia General Election and sharing the same fate as Lee Lam Thye, Wee Choo Keong and over 100 more members which already being sacked from DAP.

Almost 50 years Lim Kit Siang not just manipulate DAP Constitution but he himself manipulate representative attendance to DAP National Congress and votes counting  for CEC to ensure that he himself or his dynasty will continue to lead DAP.

Kit Siang knew that the journey for him in DAP is already reaching the end. He has to ensure that the survival of his dynasty in DAP will survive and last forever. Lim Guan Eng as Secretary General and Lim Hui Ying as Penang DAP Secretary. Lim Kit Siang also fully aware that his son Lim Guan Eng not as smart and cunning as he is in politics and not a favourable leader among DAP top benchers. All this happened because of his arrogances and foolishness thus reflecting the CEC 2012 scandalous issue. Lim Guan Eng is not as smart and cunning as his old man on vote manipulation that finally leads to a disastrous issue in DAP. 

Lim Guan Eng foolishness causing Lim Kit Siang cracking his head thinking on strategies to kick out a group of people in DAP called 5 Tiger. This group will give a tremendous problem and threat to him and future of his dynasty in DAP.

Who is the 5 Tiger and why Lim Kit Siang has to slaughter them?

Catch the next chapter soon.

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