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12 Mei 2014

Now Everyone Has To Pay RM3 KLIA2 Airport Fees | Wee Choo Keong

AirAsia imposes RM3.00 airport fees per passenger. Just look at the

AirAsia imposes RM3.00 KLIA2 Airport Fees per passenger.  Cebu Pacific Air, Tiger Air and Malindo Air do not charge such airport fees.


Updates on 11-5-2014 @ 1:45 pm:  

AirAsia has said that it has to pass on the charge of RM3.00 KLIA2 Airport Fees to passengers because of MAHB's charges for  aerobridge, check-in system and others.  It was crystal clear that AirAsia was trying hard to pass the blame to MAHB for AirAsia's own imposition of the KLIA2 Airport Fees of RM3.00.  It would appear that the nation has been burdened with endless problematic AirAsia.  Please read below the view of Malindo Air on the AirAsia's KLIA2 Airport Fees of RM3.00.

Malindo Air chief executive officer Chandran Ramamurthy told The Rakyat Post that his airline's prices were all-inclusive and confirmed that the RM3 free, as MAHB had said, was set by AirAsia.  "We don't want to burden our passengers with our operations cost. The airport does not charge RM3 per passenger. AirAsia came up with RM3 based on their own calculations."  For the full report by The Rakyat Post, please read HERE. 


Everyone thought that AirAsia is a very powerful airline when it announced that it will stay put in LCCT despite the completion of KLIA2.  Now Everyone Can Laugh Out Loud at the 180 degree u-turn when AirAsia starts to operate at KLIA2 today.

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