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26 Mac 2015

United States Praises Malaysia For Combating Terrorism - Zahid • UMNO Online

PUTRAJAYA, March 25  – The United States (US) has praised Malaysia's efforts to combat terrorism via the formulation of the Prevention of Terrorism Act (POTA) and the Foreign Fighters Act (FFA).

Home Minister Datuk Seri Dr Ahmad Zahid Hamidi said this was conveyed to him  by Dr Evan Medeiros, the Special Assistant to the US President and Senior Director For Asian Affairs, National Security Council, here today.

"The preventive measures taken by Malaysia also benefit the United States,"  he told reporters after a meeting with Medeiros at his office, here today.

Putrajaya also shared the experience of rehabilitating individuals convicted of terorism by the court with Washington.

Ahmad Zahid said the US acknowledged that Malaysia has the experience in dealing with extremist groups and that their situation is different.

"For example, Malaysia has the Emergency period, faced threats by militant groups such as the Al-Mau'nah and Jemaah Islamiah," he said.

The sharing of experience could be implemented via the "Train the Trainer" programme by sending Malaysian officers to the US and vice versa.

He said the US recognised the rehabilitation of individuals involved in violence is difficult as it involves ideology and beliefs.

Malaysia has many experts in rehabilitation involved with the Home Ministry, Islamic Development Department Malaysia (JAKIM) or state islamic departments.

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