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14 Ogos 2015

@Malaysiakini @mpklang Must Read This : @Zahid_Hamidi ’s note on Realtime not an approval - The Star Online

Tweet from @mpklang: Another financial scandal in the making? @malaysiakini


Home Ministry: Ahmad Zahid's note on
PUTRAJAYA: The Deputy Prime Minister's note relating to a company's request for an online system to manage the entry of Bangladeshi workers to Malaysia is neither a directive nor an approval, according to the Home Ministry.

It clarified that the note by Datuk Seri Dr Ahmad Zahid Hamidi, who is also Home Minister, to the ministry's secretary-general on the application from Realtime Networking Sdn Bhd, was general in nature.

Ahmad Zahid's younger brother is the executive chairman of Realtime.

According to the ministry, it had not appointed or given approval for any company to handle the online system to manage foreign workers, as claimed.

The ministry said it has yet to decide on the proposals forwarded by several companies including Realtime.

"All proposals from these companies pertaining to the system will first be studied and considered by a committee in the ministry, in accordance with the existing procedure," it said in a statement, Tuesday. 

A news portal reported that Realtime had proposed for an online system with a fee to enable workers to be registered and monitored from Bangladesh and Malaysia. 

The Home Ministry also said that the Malaysian and Bangladesh Governments would continue to discuss on solving the problem of illegal repatriation of workers. 

It said both Governments would cooperate in drawing up a new procedure for the hiring of workers in stages, which would be carried out transparently and systematically, including using the online system in managing foreign workers.

"In this matter, the Government is considering involving several parties with the relevant expertise to help smoothen the operations of Government agencies," it said. - BERNAMA

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