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07 Mei 2013

Must Read : How The Malay Vote Was Lost #PRU13

Before I forget allow me to write the conclusion to this blogpost first :  

The majority race of a State does not guarantee their victory at the Polls. The  success of any one racial group at the Polls depends on how many members of that racial grouping are :

i. registered voters 
ii. how many of them actually came out to vote on Polling Day.

Yesterday at about 3:30PM I blogged this urgently :  URGENT : PENGUNDI MELAYU KENA KELUAR UNDI SEKARANG

There was a reason for this. Yesterday at Bangsar there were thousands of Chinese voters. In the queue, Chinese folks were saying 'I spent RM400 to fly from Singapore to vote'. One guy said he flew his son in from Hong Kong to vote. Another person said he had come back from Australia just to vote. The Chinese were out in huge numbers to vote.

First of all we must congratulate the Chinese for their diligence, their commitment and also their faith in the electoral process. This is a democracy. We determine our fate through the ballot. That is the process that we have all agreed upon. So we must salute the Chinese voters for having so much trust in the democratic process. 

However who we vote for and why we vote for them is something else. Dont forget that the German people once voted for Hitler and the Nazis - also through the democratic ballot.  

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