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25 April 2014

Dr. Zakir Naik - Salafi Wahabi - Reject Mawlid Nabi as Shirk !!!

I just read this very good article supported by evidence that show Dr Zakir Naik not a true Islamic Scholar but just another wahabi salafi like Rasul Dahri and Asri Zainal Abidin. I got this portal from someone x PKR and has a big title share it in our Telegrams Group. 

I do believe many of us didn't know Dr Zakir Naik very well eventhough he always appear in TV Al Hijrah and just come to Malaysia last year. Before about a few month ago I told by my friend that Dr Zakir Naik not sunni but I didn't believe until I read this article this morning. 

Praise to Allah that make me found the truth in this great day as called Sayyidul Ayyam سيد لأيام and now my duty is to spread this information to all my readers. 

Sorry for my broken English but I believe u can understand what I want to say even sure u all just laughing to my poor English but hopefully this is a good try to me to be able writing in English in future. - cyberwar lord 

(f) Shaikh Ahmad Deedat (رحمة لله علىـہ) was a Sunni Scholar is also proved from the fact that Salafi Scholars declared him Mushrik and Bidati for his clear cut Ahle Sunnah beliefs.   Watch this important Video.

Dr. Zakir Naik claims he was influenced by Shaikh Deedat(رحمة لله علىـہ) but we fail to understand how  come he turned into a hard core Salafi because Shaikh Deedat (رحمة لله علىـہ)was a humble Sufi at heart. May be Saudi Arabian shining Petro-Dollars played a big role in his conversion into Salafism. Read more about Saudi support to Dr. Naik.


Dr. Naik calls his own teachers  Kafirs -  Watch this video in which he literally calls Shaikh Deedat and  Dr. Israr Ahmad (his teachers) as Kafirs.  Watch this Video Clip.







Wikipedia, one of the most visited encyclopedic website shows Dr. Naik to be Salafi (not Sunni).  See rounded information in this Screen Shot. However, currently on Dr. Naik's Wikipedia page they have removed 'Salafi Islam' and now it shows  'Sunni Islam'.  This is hypocrisy.  When you profess Salafism, say it openly.  Why hide the truth. 

To enlarge the above Screen Shot, (a) keep the mouse on the image, (b) right click and  go to 'save as', (c) give a  file name and save image to your computer. You can then see the enlarged image  in your browser by double clicking the saved image file.  


Dr. Naik propagates theories of Salafism in the name of Islam. The interpretations of Quran, Ahadith presented by him are as per Wahhabi / Salafi beliefs. Watch the following video clip. 





Dr. Naik says his Sky Idol God has two hands, two eyes, face, legs, shins and has large  body and sits above the skies on a big chair facing towards Arsh.  Someone asked Dr. Naik, how are God's hands and body; he said, 'we do not know, it is known to God only'.

The description of Salafi Sky God is similar in nature with Hindu God Vishnu. The only difference between Hindu God Vishnu and Salafi Sky Idol God is,  Vishnu is married,  while Salafi Sky God is single. Also Hindus draw and make models of their God Vishnu, while Salafis don't, but their faith in a huge human like Idol as their God is same, identical. 

In view of their misunderstanding about Allah (سبحانہ و تعا لی)Salafis  prostrate to their Sky Idol God 5 times a day during Salah.  They claim this huge Sky Idol has created this Universe.  Read more...

Read whole article :

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