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14 April 2014

Blog JUST READ!: BOC @Zahid_Hamidi : Right procedures are observe and those three are not the ones who tore or threw away their Malaysian passports

Why the brouhaha and ramblings about Home Minister Ahmad Zahid Hamidi's statement on Friday that three BOC (British Overseas Citizen) from Malaysia are allowed to come home? Why was there discontentment among some Malaysians who 'warned' the government not to allow their return?

Those three are not the ones who tore or threw away their Malaysian passports. Their had their BOC for lack of knowledge about immigration law after studying and working in the UK for too long, and failed to inform the Malaysian High Commision of their status.

They had to apply for BOC after discovering their status as Malaysians was 'revoked', and since they must have a citizenship, it left them to no choice but to seek the British assistance. They were not aware that they already lost their Malaysian citizenship until they decided to 'come home'.

Even so, the Home Ministry will only issue them with special pass. They still need to apply by nomal procedure to get their citizenship back.

Zahid said it will not going to be easy. The Malaysian and British authorities will exchange info on any BOC holders before Putrajaya makes a decision to accept or reject their application.
The three were not given citizenship or permanent resident status, but only the Resident's Pass to enable them to be in this country legally in line with the Regulation 16A, Immigration Regulations 1963. 
"The Malaysian government will not give citizenship status automatically. This is because some of them had torn the Malaysian passport while they were abroad as they hated this country and did not want to come back because of this hatred, and some have stabbed the country in the back. They no longer have any loyalty (to this country). 
"If holders of the Resident's Pass wish to regain their citizenship status, they need to undergo the process undergone by foreign nationals wishing to apply and must wait 17 years and prove their loyalty to the country and fulfill the application requirements including the proficiency test in the Malay Language.
The media had earlier reported that Tanjung Member of Parliament Ng Wei Aik had said that the government had agreed to bring back more than 500 former Malaysian nationals who had given up their citizenship to become citizens of the United Kingdom (UK). 
BOC passport holders are Malaysian citizens who have chosen to give up their citizenship to apply for a UK citizenship. However, the British Nationality Act 1981 (BNA 1981) had been amended on July 4, 2002 whereby they would only be granted the UK citizensip if they were no longer Malaysian citizens on or before July 4, 2002.
The three lost their Malaysian citizenship by default. Their own mistake and negligence. The Home Ministry had ratified it with British immigration and after a series of investigation found out that they did not aware of their status.

The ministry also established the fact that the three did not give up their Malaysian citizenship like others did but continuously stayed and worked in the UK without 'reporting' to the Malaysian mission in London.

Some quarters had asked Zahid to announce the date of their (the three) return. They want to wait for their arrival at the KLIA and protest, something 'not very wise' to do!

The RP (resident pass) was not only given to BOC holders. There are other non-BOC holders who were issued with it, especially those who had stayed in Australia, the US and in other countries for too long enough that led to their Malaysian status dropped.

Whether they are Chinese, Malays or Indians, those who lost their citizenship over their own ignorance of the immigration policy, deserve consideration.

However, anyone with bad anti-Malaysia record will forever remain as a foreigner in our land!

Zahid is not to be blamed. The ministry always keep to its standard procedure, laws and provisions when attending to such cases, and there shouldn't be any doubt.

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