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27 September 2014

Mr @cmlimguaneng : WHO Is The Traitor ???




The Chief Minister of Penang, Lim Guan Eng, has proved time and time again that he is not only unpatriotic, but a traitor as well. 


During the Selangor mess he called the four PAS excomembers traitors. What was it they did that was so traitorous? Oh, that's right, they didn't give up their positions and make way for PKR and DAP. It appears that Guan Eng is a fool. Did he not realize that if they had given up their positions, Khalid would have had the right to choose new members? And after the shit way that PKR and DAP treated him do you really think he would choose from their bunch? No. He would have chosen UMNO members. Probably, for no other reason than to spite Guan Eng and his band of fools.By the way Guan Eng, who the hell are you to be pointing fingers and calling people traitors? Ladies and Gentlemen if you want to know what a REAL traitor looks like go on Google images now and type Lim Guan Eng. Yep, there's your traitor. Did you know that when he went to Singapore, UK, China, and Taiwan Guan Eng gave talks? In those talks he constantly put down our country.LimGuan Eng stated that Malaysia's economy would never grow that by the year 2019 we would be bankrupt. He wasn't condemning the politicians or the government, but the people of Malaysia with that statement. He was saying that Malaysia would never grow. We would never become better. In fact we would be worse. And you know whatwe will become worse if we keep supporting unpatriotic, vile, traitorous bastards like him to 'lead' us. Wake up Malaysia. It's time to face the facts and realize that the man that we had put our hopes on, is nothing more than a faithless loser. 


In Singapore in 2011, you ridiculed the state of Johor, labeling Johor as the most unsafe place. Do you have to lie and ridicule your own tanah air, aren't you a traitor?


In 2013, in Taiwan, you urged investors not to come to Malaysia and again, you ridiculed Malaysia. Your DAP MPs demonstrated in Taiwan, urging Taiwan investors not to come to Malaysia. Now, aren't you and your party traitors?


You did the same in Hong Kong in 2013. You ridiculed Malaysia's GTP saying that it was unachievable, what cheap thrill do you get from all these unpatriotic behavior? 


Guan Eng, it seems that you simply love Singapore, Taiwan and Hong Kong where you choose to lambast your own country from there….special links with these countries is it…so who is the traitor? The four past Excosor is it you and the DAP?


Also, as the leader of DAP, shouldn't you keep a tighter control on your bloody MPs? For example, that idiot Kuching MP Chong Chieng Jen who took to twitter to voice his objections against playing the national anthem in the cinemas. As a Malaysian he should have been proud to hear his national anthem playing. The fact that he was upset by it begs the question; where do your loyalties lie? Then again Guan Eng wouldn't have called the Kuching MP out anyway because he was guilty of the same disrespect. At an event in Johor Guan Eng blatantly refused to respect the national anthem by standing up. What in the bloody hell is going on? Since when was standing up for the national anthem a big sin? Was he not taught basic respect? Even when another country's national anthem is playing he would have to stand out of respect, but he can't respect his own country?


I have another word of advice for Guan Eng and the DAP; PAS is always consistent in its stand. We never agree with the BN formula but we are never traitors. The real bloody traitor is you, Guan Eng and DAP. Guan Eng, don't try to teach PAS how to conduct politics. We are more matured than you and the DAP. When PAS was formed, you were not yet born, when PAS was active in national politics, you are the naked fool child running around in your napkins, don't ever tell us what to do. We practice matured politics not stupid racial street politics like you do. Don't ever dream or think you can speak down to us….GROW UP CHILDISH GUAN ENG.

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