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25 September 2014

White Tiger Kills Student At Delhi Zoo (EXCLUSIVE VIDEO)- ReelReplay - @YouTube

Info video :

Sep 24, 2014The #White Tiger that #killed a Young Man at the #Delhi zoo

A #White Tiger killed a class 12 student #Himanshu inside the Delhi Zoo on Wednesday. This terrible incident took place around 1:30 PM. While some eyewitnesses claim that that the barricade was low and the tiger jumped on the curious young boy who was watching the animals, others say that they saw the boy leaning over and falling into the enclosure. The boy was then dragged by the tiger inside the enclosure. He struggled for ten minutes and then died.

"The tiger grabbed the victim after he fell into the enclosure. No one came to help the victim when he was being attacked," said an eyewitness.

Another eyewitness said that he and his friends heard a commotion and rushed towards the tiger enclosure and saw some people throwing stones and sticks inside the enclosure. Eyewitnesses claim that the police rushed to the spot as soon they were called.
New Delhi:

A white tiger attacked and killed a 20-year-old man who apparently slipped and fell into its enclosure at the Delhi zoo on Tuesday.

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