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13 Mac 2015

Blog JUST READ!: Letter To FBI - An agenda against @Zahid_Hamidi ? CC @Malaysiakini

An agenda against Zahid?

Pro-Opposition news portal Malaysiakini and Malaysia Chronicle - despite understanding that nothing was wrong with the letter Zahid Hamidi sent to the FBI over Paul Phua case - continue mounting attacks on the minister.

Not able to distinguish the 'undertone' in the Home Minister's speech in Penang yesterday, they leveraged on it by pitting Zahid against other Umno ministers, notably his predecessors Hishammuddin Hussein and Syed Hamid Albar.

During his era, former premier Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad himself was Home Minister. During Pak Lah's, Azmi Khalid was. But Zahid was not shooting at them.

What he said during a function at USM was just an 'em-passing' remarks to note how the letter was deemed as a doom for his politics, and how some conscience-blinded friends in Barisan Nasional (especially Umno) were easily-gullible by the Opposition.

Yes, he did say it yesterday, as carried by news portal Malaysiakini:
Home Minister Ahmad Zahid Hamidi's popularity has dwindled following the saga over a letter he penned to the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) for gambling kingpin Paul Phua.

However, the Umno vice-president said his predecessors had also done the same.
"If I reveal the stack of letters and agreements they had signed with that country (US), they would suffer great shame. But these ministers have denied, nevermind," he said during a speech at Universiti Sains Malaysia (USM) in Penang today.

Zahid drew laughter from his audience when he used the term "besar kemaluannya" to indicate embarrassment, which in the Malay language refers to male genitals.

"Let me suffer the embarrassment, but I don't want to implicate others," he added.
However, Zahid told reporters after the event that he would reveal the support letters penned by other ministers in Parliament.
Anybody will take what he said as something to enlighten the floor, not more than that.

He did not mean to rake the past but he was serious about 'there were letters from the past'. But still, nothing was wrong with the letters written by previous ministers to any governments or foreign agencies if they were meant to provide assistance to Malaysians abroad.

Foreign Minister Anifah Aman, in standing up for Zahid at the height of Paul Phua case, even said that it was our responsibility to help our countrymen abroad, regardless of who they are and what they are.

Taking the 'Bali 9' case in Indonesia, the governments of Australia and other countries too have been applying their diplomatic tools to secure the release of their people although the Indonesian court found them guilty of drug peddling and sentenced them to death.

When anti-Putrajaya NGOs and lawyers gave some hands to fugitives Alvin Tan and Ali Abdul Jalil, nobody said anything against it.

So, what's wrong with Zahid's letter to the FBI. And what's wrong with letters written by former Home Ministers (if any) to help Malaysians in trouble abroad? I think we used to take similar approach to help a few Malaysians duped into working as 'kaldai dadah' in China, Japan and Latin America.

What Zahid and former ministers had done did not cross any line. If we don't help our countrymen abroad, who else would?

The Opposition was only interested to pin down Zahid by linking him to the gambling kingpin, trying to implicate how the Umno vice-president gets 'some sidekicks'.

However, Zahid has denied it. He never asked a single sen from any gambling tauke in Malaysia and abroad. I personally believe there were some offers but he turned it down. Nobody can proof anything about it.

I don't want to say anything about other ministers, deputy ministers and VVIPs who 'got some'...let them! I know, the police knows, some people also know.

To some Malaysians, what Zahid had wrongly done is what the Opposition had done it right and lawful. To pro-Pakatan Rakyat politicians, lawyers, NGOs and media players, they can always do it better that what Putrajaya and Zahid had.

Remember MH370 crisis when Anwar Ibrahim and friends said they could have solved the mystery in 24 hours?

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